Shit Happens..

No one notices :’(

Just go for it. Anything.

So now it’s clear I mean nothing to you and her anymore. Hope your both happy, honestly.

Wanna give up :’(

I knew a lot of people would give up on me, but I never thought you would :’( sorry for disappointing you, I never wanted to hurt you; and I said i’d never leave you, and you said you wouldn’t leave me, but you kinda already have. :’(

No ones noticed that im falling faster and faster every second. So I give up and I give in. Bye.

Turns out that my razor is my only real thing there for me :’( that’s just sad

Lies. Lies. Lies. Oh and more lies!

I’m actually through with him. Well yeah part of me misses him and that will always be there. But I’m actually over that prick! So happy right now

Feels like I’m being swallowed in by a big thing of nothingness. I hope the night walk helps. Been told not to do this anymore but meh who cares if anything happens! No-one.